Fill in all the gaps with the correct forms of the adjectives.

Example: ____ — newer — _______

Answer: new — newer — newest

1) long – longer – the
 longest  2) bad-worse- the worst
3) modern – more modern-the most modern
4)nice -nicer — the nicest
5) near- nearer- the nearest
6)flat -flatter -the flattest
7) popular – more popular-the most popular
8)happy- happier – the happiest
9) many -more–the most
10) exciting –more exciting–the most exciting
Fill in the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives. Use the endings -er and -est.
1)young-younger-the youngest
2) short-shorter-the shortest
3) cheap –cheaper-the cheapest
4) small –smaller-the smallest
5) dark –darker-the darkest
6) long –longer- the longest
7) warm –warmer-the warmest
8) sweet –sweeter-the sweetest
9) big –bigger-the biggest
10) nice –nicer-the nicest

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