Class Work

Complite using the correct present continuous from of the verbs in barackets.
You may have to use some negative forms.

1 Gordon?I think he is writing a letter at the moment.
2Yes,the match is on TV now, but we  are losing.
3 Right now, Margaret is having a shower.Do you want to ring later?
4Sally is staying with het aunt for a few days.
5I ‘m not  lying it’s true! I did see Madonna at the supermarket.
6 Josh is always using my bike! It’s so annoying.
7We are having lunch,but I can come round and help you later.
8Are you playing music up there?It’s really  noisy!

1 Ted was playing his guitar at half past seven.
2 At midnight,I was sleeping, but Jane was listening to music.
3 Luke was standing outside the bank when suddenly two robbers ran past him.
4 I know Doug was working late at the office because I saw him when I was leaving.
5Were you having  a shower when the earthquake happened?
6Penny  was running to catch the bus when she slipped and fell.
7When you saw Eugene was he  going hame?
8 At midninght?Erm we were watching a DVD ,I think.


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